The research unit in figures & Organization chart

The research unit in figures & Organization chart

ETTIS belongs to 2 INRAE departments :

  • ECOSOCIO  (Functioning and economic and social evolution of Agriculture, Food and Environment)
  • AQUA (Functioning and evolution Aquatic Ecosystems, Water Resources and Associated Riks)

ETTIS has 40 permanent scientists (researchers and engineers) including 10 HDR and about 30 non-permanent staff including 10 PhD students on average per year. ETTIS includes 12 permanent engineers from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food who dedicate their research and support activities to public policies in a particular domain. In addition, 3 lecturers from Bordeaux Sciences Agro are affiliated to the unit for the research part of their activity.

ETTIS organisation chart at 01/09/2023


Members of the ETTIS unit on 18/01/2024:

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Permanent staff - Gazinet Cestas site

  •     BANOS Vincent, Human and Social Geography | ResearchGate, ORCID
  •     BOSCHET Christophe, Economics
  •     BRAHIC Élodie, Economics
  •     CAILLAUD Kévin, Sociology | ResearchGate, LinkedIn
  •     CANDAU Jacqueline, Sociology (HDR) | CV-HAL
  •     CARAYON David, Statistics | CV-HAL, Twitter
  •     CARTER Caitriona, Political Science (HDR) | ResearchGate, ORCID
  •     CAZALS Clarisse, Economics (HDR)
  •     CHAMBON Camille, Computer Science | ORCID
  •     DACHARY-BERNARD Jeanne, Economic Sciences (HDR) |ResearchGate, ORCID
  •     DEHEZ Jeoffrey, Economics (HDR) | ResearchGate, Twitter
  •     DELDREVE Valérie, Sociology (HDR)
  •     DEUFFIC Philippe, Sociology | ResearchGate, ORCID
  •     GASSIAT Anne, Human and Social Geography
  •     GILBERT Denis, Hydraulics
  •     GINELLI Ludovic, Sociology
  •     HAUTDIDIER Baptiste, Human and Social Geography | CV-HAL
  •     HUSSON Alain, Engineering sciences
  •     KUENTZ-SIMONET Vanessa, Statistics
  •     LAFON Sophie, Sociology
  •     LE BERRE Sylvain, Political Science | CV-HAL, ORCID
  •     LE FLOCH Sophie, Geography (HDR)
  •     LESCOT Jean-Marie, Agricultural and Economic Sciences
  •     LYSER Sandrine, Statistics | ResearchGate, ORCID
  •     MACARY Francis, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences | ResearchGate, LinkedIn
  •     PETIT Kévin, Geomatics
  •     PHELPIN Odile, Environmental Sciences
  •     PILLER Olivier, Applied Mathematics (HDR) | ResearchGate, ORCID
  •     RAINEAU Yann (delegation)
  •     RULLEAU Bénédicte, Economic Sciences | ResearchGate, LinkedIn
  •     SABATIÉ Sandrine, Computer Science | CV-HAL, ORCID
  •     SALLES Denis, Sociology (HDR), Project Manager
  •     SERGENT Arnaud, Political Science
  •     STRICKER Anne-Emmanuelle, Engineering Sciences
  •     TERREAUX Jean-Philippe, Economics (HDR) | ResearchGate
  •     UNY Daniel, Geomatics
  •     VERNIER Françoise, Environmental Sciences, Project Manager
  •     ZAHM Frédéric, Agricultural and Economic Sciences | ResearchGate, CV-HAL

Permanent staff - Bordeaux Sciences Agro site

  •     BOUTRY Marie, Economic Sciences | ResearchGate, ORCID
  •     CORADE Nathalie, Economics
  •     DEL'HOMME Bernard, Economics

PhD / PostDoc

  •     ALARCON Margaux, Post-doctoral student in Geography (Bordeaux Sciences Agro host)
  •     BROWN Colin, PhD student in Sociology
  •     DIAW Mody, PhD student in Sociology
  •     DJEMEL Cheima, PhD student in Applied Mathematics
  •     FERRY Aurélien, PhD student in Sociology
  •     JONCHERES Camille, PhD student in Sociology (CIFRE host)
  •     LAILLIAU Julie, Political Science, PhD student (CIFRE host)
  •     NOUGAROL Renaud, Post-doctoral student in Sociology
  •     PETIT Louise, PhD student in Geography
  •     REBEYROLLE Louise, Post-doctoral student in Political Science
  •     SIERRA-JIMENEZ Mara, Post-doctoral student in Sociology
  •     VAILLANT Cyrielle, PhD student in Sociology (ADEME host)

Long-term temporary staff

Fixed-term contracts of more than 6 months

  •     BOUET Bruno

Associate members

  •     AMER Ghenima
  •     BELMALLEM Rend
  •     BRETEAU Sandrine (INRAE)
  •     DEGBELO Nadège
  •     FROEHLICHER Hermione
  •     GIRARD Sydney, Agronomist
  •     GOUTILLE Fabienne
  •     GRANJOU Céline (INRAE)
  •     LEJEUNE Caroline
  •     SMITH Andy (CNRS)
  •     THIAN-BO MOREL Marie (Université La Réunion)

Left the unit on 18/01/2024:

  •     BAATI Selma, Post-doctoral researcher in Sociology
  •     DEGBELO Nadège, PhD student in Sociology
  •     FROEHLICHER Hermione, PhD student, Economics and Ecology
  •     LEGAT Yves, Statistics
  •     RENAUD Eddy, Engineering Sciences
  •     SALLES Denis, Sociology (HDR)
  •     VERNIER Françoise, Environmental Sciences


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